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Designed for criminal intelligence professionals and analysts.

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Enterprise solution for single or multiple jurisdictions .

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Supporting front-line investigators 24/7.

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CrimeNtel GIS

CrimeNtel GIS: Visualize the “where”, then drill-down to understand the “what”

CrimeNtel GIS provides mapping and filtered search of data collected at CrimeNtel sites, enabling customers realize untapped value from their criminal intelligence information.

Proximity search

CrimeNtel GIS proximity search supports rapid response to unfolding critical situations, taking tactical analysis and decision-making to a higher level.

Drill-down to review critical incidents

CrimeNtel GIS offers interactive capabilities including drill-down, zoom and other map-enabled features. These allow users to “dig in” to their data from a high level, so they can know the details of incident occurrences and connections in their jurisdiction.

Real-time filtering and redaction

A core aspect of the CrimeNtel GIS architecture is real-time filtering and redaction, so that users are allowed access only to the information that they are meant to have access to.

What makes CrimeNtel the leading criminal intelligence software solution?

Over 80 Customers

Our customers include Police Departments, Sheriff’s Offices, multi-jurisdictional fusion Centers and other law enforcement entities across the USA. depend on CrimeNtel to meet their criminal intelligence needs, day-in, day-out, 24/7.


Over 22 years of providing criminal intelligence software gives us the depth of knowledge and experience necessary to understand and meet our customers’ specialized needs.

It’s your intelligence, and your responsibility

As a public safety professional, you know the importance of criminal intelligence in tracking and anticipating criminal activity, and you’re well aware of the responsibilities that come with it.

Our solution will help ensure your organization meets the critical guidelines and requirements that come into play when collecting and managing criminal intelligence information.