June 1, 2006

Release of Version 6 Approaches

CrimeNtel for Windows Major Upgrade

The most significant CrimeNtel release since version 5, the upcoming release of version 6 incorporates many new features and improvements that have been requested by our customers.
Intelligence management enhancements that assist in managing your submissions through the intelligence life-cycle. These include a new data fields relevant to follow-up and review, plus multiple record purge functionality.

  • Ability to link files of any type to each intelligence submission
  • New report and chart interfaces
  • New linked entities: e-mail and web site addresses
  • Additional security and access control features including lock-down of specific intelligence submissions and enhanced feature restrictions
  • New XP-style user interface with MS Office XP look-and-feel
  • New comprehensive user and system administration manuals

Upgrading Our Customers

Version 6 is scheduled for release in Fall 2006 in conjunction with the First Annual CrimeNtel Users’ Conference.

Much of the Users’ Conference will focus on familiarizing our customers with this important new release.

CrimeNtel customers that are current with the annual maintenance program will be notified as the release point approaches so they can schedule their upgrade with our customer support staff.

Upgrades are conducted with CI Technologies tech support staff assisting our customers’ support staff via phone and e-mail.

All installation files and new manuals – including a special upgrade assistance manual – for version 6 will be easily available for downloading by customers from the CrimeNtel customer support site (accessible via this web site) available to all current CrimeNtel customers.