October 1, 2012

South Carolina Fusion Center deploys CrimeNtel for statewide use

The State of South Carolina Fusion Center, managed by South Carolina Law Enforcement Department (SLED), has begun production use of CrimeNtel web and Windows versions after training was conducted the week of February 11th.

South Carolina joins nine other Fusion Centers in using CrimeNtel as their criminal intelligence solution. Taking advantage of CrimeNtel’s robust support for multi-jurisdictional usage, including addressing all aspects of US DOJ 28 CFR Part 23, South Carolina will deploy the Web Edition state-wide over the coming months for use by public safety agencies throughout South Carolina.

Used for the last five years by Charleston Police and neighbouring agencies, CrimeNtel has a proven track record in South Carolina for supporting front-line officers and analysts in proactively tracking and responding to criminal activity.