INGangNetwork: CrimeNtel Mobile supports gang investigators across Indiana | CrimeNtel

April 30, 2013

INGangNetwork: CrimeNtel Mobile supports gang investigators across Indiana

CrimeNtel is the technology platform for the INGangNetwork, a major initiative of the Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center. In this role, CrimeNtel is being used as the Statewide gang tracking system, supporting law enforcement across Indiana.

CrimeNtel web is the primary means of statewide access, and it’s now joined by CrimeNtel Mobile, which is currently being used extensively in day-to-day field operations by member agencies across the state as well.

Currently INGangNetwork has:

898 members (including staff of member agencies in Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio and Georgia)
130 participating agencies
31 participating Sheriff Department

The system currently holds 11,000 gang intelligence reports

Using CrimeNtel , all system information is being managed in accordance with Federal US DOJ guidelines and requirements, most notably 28 CFR Part 23

INGangNetwork Program was recently selected by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute(ICJI) to be nominated for a national award. Indiana Department of Technology(IOT) has proposed a submittal for a National Digital Technology Award as well. Both of the award nomination forms included CrimeNtel and Purdue VACCINE system as key technology platforms.