April 20, 2015

CrimeNtel RISSConnector product release: In production and responding to RISSIntel queries 24/7

CI Technologies, Inc. announces its new CrimeNtel RISSConnector software product, in conjunction with roll-out to production use at four key customers.

The CrimeNtel criminal intelligence databases at four Fusion Centers are now connected to RISSIntel, with access via the RISS Secure Cloud (RISSNET™) with 24/7 availability.

The four CrimeNtel sites join 35 RISS and RISS partner system intelligence databases in providing RISSIntel users real-time, online access to their federated searches.

Each Fusion Center’s CrimeNtel RISSConnector “listens” for queries coming its way from RISSIntel users through RISSNet. When information is located, a “hit” occurs, and the originator of the query can be notified and referred to the appropriate contact at the CrimeNtel site for further information.

CrimeNtel RISSConnector supports intra-jurisdictional collaboration between CrimeNtel customers and hundreds of other law enforcement agencies, enabling investigative connections to be made, and cases to be solved!

The CrimeNtel RISSConnector was developed to enable the necessary communication to and from RISSIntel over secure connections, and to support the exchange of intelligence information in a manner that meets all guidelines and requirements.

“All RISS criminal intelligence databases comply with 28 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 23. Criminal intelligence databases electronically connected to RISSNET that are available for member-agency access must also comply with 28 CFR Part 23. RISS recognized the need to ensure that an individual’s constitutional rights, civil liberties, civil rights, and privacy interests are protected throughout the intelligence process and has adopted a privacy policy that fully complies with 28 CFR Part 23”