November 1, 2015

10th Annual Conference wraps with 50 customers in attendance

The 9th Annual CrimeNtel Users Conference saw over 50 customers and Company staff in attendance — a record turnout!

The 10th CrimeNtel Annual Users Conference included presentations by key customers, Company staff and analytic technology partner, the Wynyard Group. It also offered invaluable opportunities for customers to meet and network

Those in attendance included customers from as far away as Alaska and California.

Held October 6th and 7th in Richmond, Virginia, the conference offered an array of presentations including

  • Introduction and overview of new Windows, Web and Mobile versions and data sharing initiatives
  • RISSNode project progress report covering the successful implementations at two major fusion center customers
  • An exciting presentation by the Wynyard Group of Wynyard Advanced Crime Analytics Tools, and project update on integration with CrimeNtel
  • A presentation and project update on CrimeNtel’s role as national database for tracking of Felony Lane Gang information

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all of those who participated, staffed and planned this event. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year at the 11th annual users conference in Richmond.