Bringing criminal intelligence to the front lines

Easy-to-use, compatible and secure

Training and user support are minimized with CrimeNtel Web's intuitive browser-based interface. This means that users can be trained and gotten up-and-running quickly – often in just a matter of minutes.

Holding bin

Screening of incoming submissions to ensure they are appropriate for inclusion in a criminal intelligence database is critical. CrimeNtel's holding bin provides a central point for review and release functionality for designated users

Browser neutral

CrimeNtel Web is a pure, 100% HTML/CSS application that can be run in any browser, including those in MDTs, PDA and mobile devices. No 3rd party or additional client-side controls are needed by CrimeNtel Web Edition

A browser-neutral solution is an important distinction between CrimeNtel and other wide-area criminal intelligence solutions, especially in view of the increasing variety of browser-equipped devices that are becoming available.

Single-point management

Being a pure web application, true single-point server management can be realized.


The CrimeNtel Dashboard provides users quick access to notifications, recent intel records and intel contributors


A wide range of search options is offered