For criminal intelligence analysts and professionals

Rich UI

Analysts and supervisory staff will appreciate “rich UI” features including visual, icon-driven interfaces, graphical charts, grid-style reporting and Excel integration. Full-featured support for system administration is also offered by CrimeNtel Windows.

Submitting Intelligence

The focal point of CrimeNtel is the intelligence submission and its links to related entities such as persons, vehicles, groups, addresses, etc. The intelligence submission documents suspicion of, or actual, criminal activity.

Scanned images and Word documents can be linked to each intelligence submission. Images can also be linked to person, group, address and business record types.

Feature Rich

CrimeNtel has a range of features that help our customers meet crucial guidelines and requirements. These include mandatory entry fields, dissemination tracking and comprehensive features that support the review and purge process.

Case Management

CrimeNtel includes a case management module for narcotics and special investigations units that conduct intelligence-based, sensitive investigations.

Exploring Intel

Link chart view from main interface provides an overview of the key entities and their relationships.

CrimeNtel Windows is designed for high frequency users, analysts, and system administrators.

An icon-based Windows interface brings to life CrimeNtel’s sophisticated linking model, with users able to drill-down and easily navigate linked entities.

Submitting Intel

CrimeNtel's intelligence submission provides entity linking, retention support, linked files capability and multi-page narrative with in-built spell checker.