The CrimeNtel solution comprises five specialized software applications that share a common, secured criminal intelligence database.

CrimeNtel Web
Used by Police Departments, state-wide Fusion Centers, and all in between. Designed for ease-of-use and minimal training

CrimeNtel Mobile
Enables core search and quick submission 24/7 from anywhere

CrimeNtel Windows
The full-featured core application incorporating the full range of product functionality

CrimeNtel Web Services
Secure, audited sharing of data between CrimeNtel sites

CrimeNtel RISS Node
Making CrimeNtel available for RISSNet inquiries nationwide

Technology platforms

Mainstream technologies

Today’s criminal intelligence system should be based on commonly-used platforms and technologies such as HTML, relational database and web services.

These are the technologies that underpin the CrimeNtel solution, and are to be found in widespread use across public safety IT environments.

Use of mainstream technology platforms result in less support headaches and a solution that coexists easily with other systems.

Ease of integration

Also important is that integration with other applications and platforms – such as Wynyard Analytics, ESRI, Sharepoint and i2 – is facilitated and simplified.