CrimeNtel was first released in 1995 after an in-depth analysis of needs at criminal intelligence units at several public safety agencies.

At each unit, the lack of suitable criminal intelligence software had resulted in excessive time spent creating, cross-referencing and handling paper files. There was a strong feeling that the criminal intelligence unit was operating in a reactive, rather than proactive, mode.

Today, CrimeNtel is a unique three-application solution that's utilized by over 80 public safety agencies in the United States.

Windows, web-enabled and mobile versions each work together to provide a criminal intelligence end-to-end solution. In 2014, CI Technologies announced the successful adding of RISSNet node capability to the CrimeNtel solution.

Many customers use the web-enabled version to allow access and input of intelligence on county-wide and state-wide basis - all in a fully controlled manner that meets crucial guidelines and requirements such as DOJ 28 CFR Part 23.

Significant improvements are contained in each new CrimeNtel release, so that it will best meet the wide range of needs found throughout our customer base.

Each year CI Technologies hosts a two-day CrimeNtel Annual Conference. The 14th Annual Conference will be held in Fort Collins, Colorado November 13th & 14th, 2019.

Version 1.0 from 1995

1995 - DOS-based CrimeNtel 1.0 is introduced.

Mousepads and Pens

2004 - The first CrimeNtel mouse pad and pen are introduced.