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The CrimeNtel web service is the answer to the question of how best to share criminal intelligence between systems while still meeting guidelines and requirements.

The CrimeNtel web service enables a CrimeNtel site to expose its data to controlled and audited search by designated users at other CrimeNtel sites.


The CrimeNtel web service has been in-use with great success since 2011 by three Fusion Centers in the Northeast United States. Fall 2013 will see it's introduction at four jurisdictions that are longtime CrimeNtel customer sites, and will enable sharing between them.


Web services sharing is highly configurable so that only designated users at each site are able to include outlying databases in their searches, and each site is able to configure access level screening to be in-effect in order to restrict external searches as necessary.


All inquiries and resulting returned information are captured by the web service in the target site's CrimeNtel usage/audit log. In this manner, site administrators will always be able to track and document what information was accessed from another CrimeNtel site.

Multi-site search results

Criminal intelligence is exposed in a secure, carefully controlled manner

Web service scaffolding

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