When switching from an existing system to CrimeNtel, there's no need to leave your data behind.

Ensuring Continuity for the Customer

Data migration is a service often provided in conjunction with CrimeNtel implementations. Our data migration specialists are experienced in migrating years of data from customers' current databases into CrimeNtel format.

Taking your intelligence to the next level

Formerly "flat" data-sets are transformed into CrimeNtel's linking model, providing a whole new visualization and understanding of the newly restructured information. Importantly, our specialists will ensure that all migrated records has appropriate retention criteria moved and assigned as appropriate.

A typical data migration involves:

  • Date mapping and consistency: An analysis of the existing database and mapping of it's data elements to those of CrimeNtel along with a data consistency analysis.
  • Creation of data migration scripts and processes during the weeks prior to implementation.
  • On or off-site implementation of the data migration in conjunction with on-site CrimeNtel installation and training.
  • Thorough testing and inspection of the migrated data, focusing on comparison to the source database, in order to ensure and complete and accurate migration.