28 CF R

Support for operations policies outlined in the United States Department of Justice DOJ CFR 28 Part 23 is essential.

In CrimeNtel, this includes:

  • The intelligence submission, which embodies reasonable suspicion of criminal activity, is focal point of the linking model
  • To ensure incoming information meets system submission criteria, a compartmentalized holding bin is offered to retain incoming submissions from general access pending review
  • Mandatory entry of key information where applicable
  • Dissemination logging with mandatory entry where appropriate
  • Purge and review functions with access restricted to designated users
  • Appropriate user authentication along with background usage logging of access


As each intelligence submission is entered, the purge/review dates of related entities are updated via an automatic background process to reflect its retention criteria.

Thus, retention criteria are constantly being maintained in accordance with new information being received, while records with no new information will become candidates for review and purge.

The criminal intelligence life-cycle

Support for managing intelligence life-cycle fundamentals including source reliability, assessment, assignment, corroboration, review and purge is provided by CrimeNtel.